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Netverslun "Greeting"

Frá: C Ramesh
Vegna: Greeting

Good Day!

We are Sumy Apparels a well established company specializing in the manufacturing and exporting of high fashion garments since 1990.

From the inception, we have been producing a wide range of clothing for men, women and children.

Our office is situated in Tirupur -The Hosiery town of India , run by a team of well experienced merchandisers, quality manager, supported by two subsidiary factories.

With modern equipments, advanced technology, qualified technicians, skilled workers, blended with comprehensive quality management system, our production line has the capacity of making about 50,000 basic T-Shirts per month.

Our products are being exported to many countries, mainly to European Countries, Canada and U.S.A … and it has won the NAME from the customers in both local and overseas markets.

We constantly maintain quality and delivery schedules. We follow the adage – integrity is to keep the commitments at any loss and the wisdom is not to make such commitments.

Looking forward of being service to you with new development or trial order.

For more information and product details please visit us on

Many thanks
C Ramesh
Managing Director

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